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Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

VMWare -Virtual Center -02

Posted by Preetam on February 16, 2007

The VMware License Server and Virtual Center Server typical reside on the same system.

The inventory hierarchy is used to group your hosts and virtual machines in meaningful way. It also provides the natural structure upon which you apply permissions. Datacenter is aggregration of all the different types of objects needed to work in a virtual Infra,Hosts,VM,Networks and Datastores.

Datacenter can be divided on the basis of Geographical locations by creating folder inside it or as per your convenience.But make sure you design in way which will allow to delegate roles and responsibilities for Managing VMInfra. Datacenters act as the namespace boundary for these objects. You cannot have two objects (for example, two hosts) with the same name in the same datacenter, but you can have two objects with the same name in different datacenters. Because of the namespace property, VMotion is permitted between any two compatible hosts within a datacenter, but even powered off virtual machines cannot be moved between hosts in different datacenters. Moving an entire host between two datacenters is permitted.

You can Group them on basis on

  • VMotion requirement
  • To form single pool of resources
  • Single Administrative control

Typically a datacenter consists of Managed Objects Viz:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Hosts
  • Virtual Machine Templates

Tasks such as Cloning VM’s,deploying VM’s from templates or Migrating VM’s can be only be performed with objects in the same datacenter.

VM,VMTemplates can be organized based on Functions and departments. CPU family,Application servers,Infra Servers. Below Image is very example of it.

In order to use feature like VMHA,VMDRS we have to cluster servers.

Above view can change according to our needs. It is categorized as

  1. Hosts and Clusters
  2. VM and Templates
  3. Networks
  4. Datastores

First two are most commonly used. In above image it is Hosts and Templates. In above examples Hosts are group into folders viz


==> Hosts

====>Server types (Messaging,SQL,IIS)

In order to add Host to Virtual Center, you need

  1. FQDN of ESX Host
  2. Root Password or equivalent user account

once you add ESX host, change the license type to Server based pointing it to License server

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