Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

VMWare -Virtual Center -03

Posted by Preetam on February 16, 2007

Virtual center can be access using VI client or Web access(With Limited functionality), Web Access provides browser based interface for managing VM’s.

Hostd and VPXA are two services which are running on ESX host responsible for performing tasks assigned by Virtual Center.

Virtual Center deployment:

Virtual Center with Minimum Hardware requirement can Handle

———>20 concurrent connections

——->50 Managed Hosts

—–>1000 VM’s

With Dual CPU and 3Gig RAM

———>50 concurrent connections

——->100 Managed Hosts

—–>2000 VM’s

BACKUP Strategy for VirtualCenter Server:

Virtual Center is recommended to be on Physical Box, as a DR strategy you can created one VM and leave it powered off. Use it only when Primary fails. When Primary fails, Power On DR server, Point it to Virtual Center database. Have System Admins point to DR server till you bring back the Primary.

Other recommended strategy is to use Cluster capabilities of SQL database.

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