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Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

VMWARE – Virtual Center

Posted by Preetam on February 16, 2007


Virtual Center has

  • Core Services
  1. Mgmt of Resources
  2. VM’s
  3. Mgmt Alarms,Events
  4. VM Provisioning
  5. Host and VM Configuration
  • Distributed Services
  1. VMotion
  2. VMware DRS
  3. VMWare HA

Database Interface

Active directory Interface.

Order of Installation

  1. Database Server (Create a connection to SQL or Oracle Database
  2. License Server
  3. Virtual Center
  4. VI Client -in Windows World RDP software

Virtual center database contains

  • configuration information
  • Current Status and
  • utilization data of the managed Hosts and Virtual Machines

If you are using VC then you must use License server for completetly using its features

If License server is not available then still VMWare Infra can survive for 14 days of grace period.

There are three software editions

  • Starter
  • Standard and
  • Enterprize.

License based model is named similiarly

Starter and Standard. However standard license licenses both standard and Enterprize mode.

When you install License server, Following services is seen in Services.msc console.

VMWare License Server

Similiarly when you install Virtual Center Following services is seen in Services.msc console.

  • => VMware Virtual Infrastructure Web Access
  • => VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended
  • => VMware VirtualCenter Server

If Management Server must go through firewall Open Port 902


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