Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

Virtual Center Security Model 02

Posted by Preetam on February 21, 2007

Now here I would put more advance information about creation of roles, permissioning. But I won’t include much information just simple one liner.

You can apply permission to various objects in inventory tabs for example

In VirtualCenter – Folders, datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, virtual machines     

In ESX Server – Resource pools, the host, virtual machines. 

Folllowing things you can do with roles

  • Rename roles
  • change roles priviliges
  • clone roles
  • create new roles
  • Delete roles, in this case you would be prompted to move user objects to different roles

Users and Groups:

Before I say anything on users and groups, I would like to empahsis there is Active directory interface provided to virtual center, it is just interface read-only and not the place where you can manage users and groups, for example create users/groups.Also one point to note VPXUser is created only when you add ESX host to virtual center

If you are using virtual center there is no need to create users and groups, you just to select them.

If you are using ESX server, users and groups have to be created but they are not visible if you connect through virtual center.


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