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Virtual Center -Web Access

Posted by Preetam on February 21, 2007

Web access certainly is not important from technical perspective but very important from exam point of view. Again question that comes to mind why we require web access. One important benefit of webaccess is you don’t need to install VI Client in case you need to logon to the VM’s console. You can also customize this web access according to the user;s requirement. Other most important benefit is, you can use floppy and CD-ROM attached to locally on this VM’s, which eliminates the need to access ESX host Floppy and CD-ROM.

Webbrowser Requirement

WINDOWS : IE 6.0 and Firefox 1..0.7 above,Netscape 7.0

LINUX : Firefox 1.0.7,Netscape 7.0

https://esxservername/ui or https://virtualcentername/ui

WebAccess is used to manage VM’s as oppose to VI client. WA is used to Powercycle VM’s, manage them VM’s. Now VM’s which you see here would depend upon where are you logging, into ESX server (then you would see VM’s only on that server) or Virtual center(where you would see VM’s managed by Virtual center)

In order to access VM you need to install plug-in, in order to do that select VM’s and then console, you would get option to install plug in.


You can customize webaccess by generating some thing called as remote console URL. When you create remote console url, you remove non-essential controls which might be a requirement of end user of VM.

Benefits: You can share this URL. You can add this to favorities.

Remote console URL can be generated by selecting status section of VM, click generate.

Select the appropriate option and copy the URL and email it to the end user.


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