Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

Basic System Administration -Part 3

Posted by Preetam on March 24, 2007

With ESX 3.0 you can migrate suspended VMs under cold migration process. You can move files of VMs only when they are power off and suspended.

When you modify User’s permissions, Users do not need to log off and log on into Virtual Center for changes to take effect. All changes take effect immediately.

You can define permission on

  • VM
  • Folders
  • Datacenters
  • Resource pools
  • Templates
  • Host
  • Clusters

You cannot directy define permission on

  1. Networks
  2. Datastores

In virtual center you can assign permission to

  • Folder
  • Datacenter
  • Host
  • VM
  • Templates
  • Cluster
  • Resource Pools
  • In ESX server you can assign permission to
  • Resource Pool
  • VMs
  • Hosts

There are two types of roles

System (cannot be modified): administrator/read-only/No-access

Sample (can be modified):

Detail Description is available in Excel Sheet HERE


One Response to “Basic System Administration -Part 3”

  1. JR said

    fyi… for that Google Spreadsheet – you could have used a “published” link – which would come up much faster for viewers…and would NOT require them to log into their google account…
    The link you used is more powerful (if they’re logged in and if you checked the “allow anyone to view” checkbox)… as it lets them save their own copy, see changes in real-time, chat with others, etc.
    For the published link – go to the “Publish” tab on the upper right of the spreadsheets editor…. it should be self-explanatory…

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