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VCP and then VMWare Workstation 6

Posted by Preetam on May 26, 2007

Today I received Workstation 6 code, This I got a Gift for passing VCP and not Workstation 5. Great thing about this is I can Installed on XP Home, and above all I’ve successfully installed win2k3 and it runs as low as 512 MB, flawless performance. Absolutely genius

Below is the procedure for using your using code which you would recieve after passing VCP exam( in 30 days) and downloading Workstation 6 and activating ACE

1.    Go to http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/ .

2.    Click on “Buy Workstation”.

3.    Click on “Quick Buy” for either VMware Workstation 6 (for Windows) or

or VMware Workstation 6 (for Linux Systems).

4.    Log in *using your VMware store account*

(or create one and then log in).

5.    When you get to the “Checkout — Payment” page, enter the

Discount Code that we sent in your earlier email.  Remember to:

a.    Include the hyphens. (-‘s)

b.    Enter zeroes, not letter o’s.

c.    Enter ones, not letter I’s.

d.    Use upper case letters, not lower case letters.

6.    Finish the purchase process.

7.    Wait for an email from VMware that includes your Workstation 6

serial number.

8.    Follow the instructions in that email.  They will include

Instructions to:

a.  Click on a link to register your Workstation 6 serial number.

b.  Click on a second link to download Workstation 6.

9.    Go to the link for ACE:


10.   Input your Workstation 6 serial number.

11.   Wait for an email with an ACE Option Pack Promotion Code

and an ACE Client License Key.

12.   Install Workstation 6.

13.   On the Help menu in Workstation 6, choose Enter Serial Number.

14.   In the field labeled Serial Number, enter your

ACE Option Pack Promotion Code. (This action will unlock

ACE authoring capabilities.)

15.   Exit Workstation 6 and then restart Workstation 6.  (The product

title should now display as VMware Workstation ACE Edition.)

16.   Create an ACE you’ll want to use on a second PC. (For example,

the Pocket ACE feature enables you to deploy a virtual

machine to be run from a portable flash media device.)

17.   Copy your ACE to the second PC (or attach your Pocket ACE to

the second PC.)

18.   Power on your ACE.

19.   On the VMware Player menu, choose “Enter ACE Client License”.

(The ACE Client License Key (List Price US $99) is included

free with your ACE Option Pack.)

20.   Enter the ACE Client License Key you received in the last email.

21.   Start using your ACE!


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