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Few Fundas about NUMA

Posted by Preetam on May 31, 2007

NUMA (Non-Uniformed Memory Access) consists of the processor, including the embedded memory controller and the attached DIMMs. Total memory attached to all the processors is divided into 4096 byte segements. In case of Linear Addressing(NUMA), consecutive 4096 are on same nodes, while in case of UMA, consecutive 4096 are on adjacent nodes

In general, a NUMA-aware OS such as MS Windows and a NUMA-aware application such as MS-SQL will benefit from the NUMA organization. NUMA aware application and OS which allocate and de-allocate memory at thread levelwill benefit from NUMA organization, because the allocation and thread will have a tendency to run on the same node.

ESX is also NUMA aware, more information is VMWare KB:1570

For more detailed information



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