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Some notes on VCB

Posted by Preetam on September 15, 2007

Let me give some advance things which I learnt on VCB today

  • VCB solution is only useful for backing up MS windows based VMs
  • VCB required windows 2003 server(nothing below than this) and it can’t be installed on same server as Virtual center server
  • VCB Proxy also needs to be presented with same LUN, which are presented to the ESX Server of which VM’s you need to backup
  • VCB Proxy (the actual name) cannot have more than 1 HBA, Multi-path is not supported by VMWare, so No PowerPath and etc. [Just came to know, that if you upgrade it to VCB 1.0.3 multi-pathing is not a issue, thanks to Scott]
  • The location where you wish to mount VM image on VCB proxy must have space at least 2-3 VM’s data to be backed up.

There is already very good docs available on VCB, so I don’t wish to repeat the same thing. Other thing I just came across from http://www.petri.co.il site there is video hidden inside the VMware site, please check the link here, Video is practical VCB and not entire VCB but then I would say it is Good thing to invest 15 min.

And lastly, Become virtual famous video award his given, the Guys who got it not only deserve it but they have been truly generous enough to denote that money to charity. You guys are truly amazing. Check Here. I would certainly likely to get that songs…“If the server goes down……”


2 Responses to “Some notes on VCB”

  1. slowe said

    One quick clarification: As of VCB 1.0.3 (which also requires ESX 3.0.2 and VC 2.0.2 in order to work), multipathing is no longer an issue. This was confirmed in the Partner Day VCB session as well as one of the main VMworld VCB sessions this past week.


  2. techstarts said

    Thanks Scott, It was worth of information and glad to know that. I’ll correct right away

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