Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0


Posted by Preetam on April 7, 2008

Maximum amount of memory you can assign to service console is 800MB, 1600 MB is should be the

swap file size. VCB is license per host and not per processor as are VC,ESX,DRS,HA It is important to

note that virtual center uses a heartbeat per 5 min to check if license is up and changes are made to licenses.

HA Services running on the hosts itself and are NOT part of virtual center(VC), they are just configured using VC .

However DRS is controlled and managed by Virtual Center. DRS is driven by default interval of 5 min or when host

is added/moved from the cluster. So ideally DRS queries cluster 12 times in a hour. Based on this it prioritize series

of recommendations to level load across the cluster.


After logging level,Virtual Machine is the major factor in deciding the Virtual center database. Beware changing your logging level wipes out all your previous logged data.

One of the physical NICs will be allocated exclusively to the ESX console. It is through this ESX Server Service Console NIC that all connections to the ESX node are made, as well as SCP, SSH, or any other tool to access the ESX Server’s file system.

vmxnet virtual NICs can be utilized only after you install the VMware tools onto your virtual machine. When you replace Vlance NIC type to vmxnet NIC, you would have to re-ip the Virtual Machine. 

What is trunk port ?

It is port configured to carry traffic from multiple VLAN’s. This means every packet flowing through this port is tagged and other end(typically switch) knows where this packet belongs to. So in order to enable VLAN’s in Port which connects to NIC on ESX should be trunked(802.1q VLAN Trunk). Never forget to assign Native VLAN. Anything on Native VLAN is not tagged and whichever packet is not tagged it is not seen by Guest on ESX. And also configure port to allow other VLAN on it, this makes sure that all VLAN’s can been seen by the port.

What happens when you do “Service network restart” ?

It restarts eth0, service console nic and lo which is loopback adapter.



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