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My understanding of VMMark

Posted by Preetam on April 21, 2008

Article is below only for review purpose and just to give me own review of vmmark, it is no means any kind analysis of VMMark. I would refer this and time to time for my own purpose.

It is used for measuring the scalability of workload on a given system and also application performance.

What is tile? In simple words six virtual machine running on test machine and one client(Physical Server) which will load these six virtual machine. These 5 Virtual Machine will hold diverse workload e.g.

  1. Webserver
  2. Java Server
  3. File Server
  4. Database Server
  5. Mail Server
  6. Test Server

This forms a mixed workload typically found in datacenter. Performance of each workload is measured and then combined with other workloads to form single score for a tile. Mulitple tile can be run simultaneously.Each workload is constraint to execute at less than full utilization of the Virtual Machine.However for workload throttling, you would need to add tile, if the system is not over committed then overall score including the new tile should be good. Number of tile and performance of each Virtual Machine forms overall VMMark score.

Now why one would or should use this VMMark ?

Simple if you wish to compare different hardware configuration(assuming you have same number of socket/core) to understand scalability,performance of application of the under test hardware. But this is in general which have customized software packs and Virtual Machine configuration, But what happens when you have customized builds of OS, customized builds of other application in your office,shop. This would be right platform to compare those on different hardware platform.

How do you interpret these scores ?

Higher VMMark score implies we can run more Virtual Machines. To get high score we typical load the system with more tiles. However when you get same score on different hardware with different number of tiles, then the one with lowest number of tile is suggested as best platform for Virtualization. One with higher tile count might have been over comitted or was not properly balanced.


Reference : HP’s VMMark Document ; VMMark FAQ





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