Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

ESX3.5 Notes -Part01

Posted by Preetam on April 30, 2008


DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduling)

When maintenance mode was triggered in the past it would only move VMs that were powered on. In this release maintenance mode will also move VMs which are powered off and suspended.

In the past maintenance mode in with manual or partial automated DRS would generate a whole list of 5-Star recommendations. This no longer happens and VMs are just moved automatically. It’s assumed if you are entering maintenance mode you want to evacuate the ESX host of all VM’s.


VMware HA Clusters

Number of ESX host supported in a cluster has increased from 16 to 32.

When ESX host use to fail, all vm’s use to get powered on next available host. Now VM’s will get powered on Host where there is large amount of CPU and Memory resources are available. Some intelligence ha s been put into.



New sets of alarms has been introduced. One of them to check the VM’s heartbeat. If VM is hung, action of restarting that VM can be triggered.




Lock Down mode

When this option is enabled you won’t be able to logon using administrative priviliges to ESX host using VC client.


DPM (Distributed Power Management) (Experimental feature)

Its job is monitor the clusters usage, and move VMs during non-peak usage to a fewer number of ESX hosts. The unneeded ESX hosts are put into a standby mode, so consume less power in the server room. DPM is integrated into DRS such that other rules such as reservations and affinity rules are obeyed. This can be certainly used for development Cluster.

DPM is initiated based on three conditions

• Guest CPU and Memory usage
• ESX host CPU and Memory usage
• ESX host power consumption

Before ESX host is put in standby mode it takes this decision based last 20 min history. And for Power ON event, it checks other node in cluster every 5 min, to see if it is not overloaded and not violating HA constraints. Like DRS, DPM can also be configured in Manual mode which offers recommendations. Also Particular ESX host can be excluded from DPM. To test DPM it is recommended that you test that each ESX host enters and Exit standby mode. There is extra option available shutdown button for ESX host. As maintenance mode, standby mode can hang as it’s wait either for the operator for move vm or automatic vmotion, if there are any VM running it won’t go into standby mode.


Enabling the iSCSI Software Initiator no longer by default opens the iSCSI port of 3260 on the firewall. This now has to be done using the command:
esxcfg-firewall -e swISCSIClient


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