Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

Some Networking Stuff

Posted by Preetam on July 20, 2008

vmxnet — a paravirtualized device that works only if VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system. A paravirtualized device is one designed with specific awareness that it is running in a virtualized environment. The vmxnet adapter is designed for high performance.

• vswif — a paravirtualized device similar to vmxnet that is used only by the ESX Server service console.
• vmknic — a virtual device in the VMkernel, the software layer that manages most of the physical resources on the ESX Server host. The vmknic is used by the TCP/IP stack that services VMotion, NFS and software iSCSI clients that run at the VMkernel level, and remote console traffic.

There is no way to interconnect multiple vSwitches

vSwitches cannot share physical ethernet adapters

Each virtual switch can have up to 1,016 virtual ports, with a limit of 4,096 ports on all virtual switches on a host.

You can create a maximum of 512 port groups on a single host.

You can think of port groups as templates for creating virtual ports with particular sets of specifications.

REFERENCE: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/virtual_networking_concepts.pdf


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