Lets Design, Implement and do Administration of ESX3

Virtualization with VMWare Infrastructure 3.0

Musings from security guide –Part 02

Posted by Preetam on September 9, 2008

in ESX3i all logs are lost during reboot. Therefore a syslog server is required to record and archive all ESX Server 3i logs since a simple reboot will erase all activity of all users.

ISO Images consumes a lot of disk space since they are not compressed when they are created.

Users should create hash checksums on all ISO OS images on the ESX server before utilizing the ISO OS images for virtual machines.

Shares and Resource allocation: Minimum and Maximum resource settings within ESX Servers are absolute values, whereas shares are used to give preference to a guest OS when resource is scare. Minimum guarantee a specific amount of a resource to the virtual machine but deny that much of the resource to other virtual machine, While Maximum deny the virtual machine a portion of the resource while allowing other virtual machine more access to that resources. Do not configure the minimum virtual machine CPU and memory setting equal the total physical amount available. Use reservations,shares and limits to allocate resources.

Time management, synchronizing the virtual machine with the ESX Server is the preferred method for time synchronization.


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