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How to check which is your Primary node in HA ?

Posted by Preetam on September 22, 2008

[root@my-vmware01 root]# cat /opt/LGTOaam512/log/aam_config_util_listnodes.log
KEY: -z VAL: 1
KEY: domain VAL: vmware
KEY: cmd VAL: listnodes
CMD: hostname -s

CMD: /opt/LGTOaam512/bin/ft_gethostbyname my-vmware01 |grep FAILED

CMD: /opt/LGTOaam512/bin/ftcli -domain vmware -connect my-vmware02 -port 8042 -timeout 60 -cmd listnodes
        Node              Type              State
———————–  ————    ————–
  my-vmware01            Primary      Agent Running
  my-vmware02            Primary      Agent Running

Total time for script to complete:  0 minute(s) and 1 second(s)

Courtesy: Yellow Bricks


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