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How to find Queue depth of HBA ?

Posted by Preetam on April 30, 2009

Here is way

How to find queue depth for HBA ?

[root@pz-vmware07 scripts]# tail /etc/vmware/esx.conf
/vmkmodule[0003]/enabled = “true”
/vmkmodule[0003]/module = “tg3.o”
/vmkmodule[0003]/type = “nic”
/vmkmodule[0004]/enabled = “true”
/vmkmodule[0004]/module = “cciss.o”
/vmkmodule[0004]/type = “scsi”
/vmkmodule[0005]/enabled = “true”
/vmkmodule[0005]/module = “lpfcdd_732.o”
/vmkmodule[0005]/options = “lpfc0_lun_queue_depth=16 lpfc1_lun_queue_depth=16 lpfc_tgt_queue_depth=31”
/vmkmodule[0005]/type = “fc”



[root@pz-vmware07 scripts]# esxcfg-module -l
Device Driver Modules
Module Type Enabled Loaded
vmkapimod vmkapimod true true
vmklinux linux true true
bnx2 nic true true
tg3 nic true true
cciss scsi true true
lpfcdd_732 fc true true
[root@ci-vmware07 scripts]# esxcfg-module -g lpfcdd_732
lpfcdd_732 enabled = 1 options = ‘lpfc0_lun_queue_depth=16 lpfc1_lun_queue_depth=16 lpfc_tgt_queue_depth=31’


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